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Wyler Vetta

Hi there! This is Sean from Time Honored and I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of Wyler Vetta? Started by brothers Paul and Alfred Wyler in 1924, Wyler Vetta was made specifically for the Italian market. This watch shown features a Valijoux 22 movement, is manual winding, and has a beautiful 2-dial chronograph feature. It is set in 18K solid rose gold. We were filled with excitement when this watch came into our shop, and I have had a great time researching this brand. I knew little about this watch before, and now it has been bitter sweet to see it go. Hate to see it go, love to watch it leave. One of our long time customers and vintage watch collectors took one glimpse of her yesterday, and now its his. One of my favorite aspects of this job is seeing all of the beautiful pieces of jewelry and quality watches. It is also a joy when one our customers can walk away with a gem like that Vetta watch, along with a smile on their face.

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Hi Sean! My name is Marcus and I have a vetta watch that my uncle gave to me that he got as a wedding gift around 25 years ago. I was wondering if you would be able to help me identify it and possibly find out how much its worth as I've been able to find no information on it or any watches looking like it. Thanks!

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