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What is a Buckley Dial?

Rolex Roman Numeral Dials have been the staple of the Datejust lineup since its inception in the 1950s.

In the late 1960's Rolex sought to create a more legible and sporty dial to liven up the original smaller applied Roman Numeral markers. In what Rolex referred to as the Printed Roman dial, they reversed the indices at 5:00 to 8:00, and added larger painted numerals.

The dial was nicknamed the "Buckley" dial in 2009 by John Buckley, an astute Rolex Dealer and collector, because he popularized these dials when they were not "en vogue". According to Buckley:

"A true "Buckley dial" MUST be painted black, champagne or white roman markers on white, champagne, black, blue or the very rare grey background. Black or white "Buckley hands" will make the look complete" (Buckley dial? Worldwide Known Vintage Rolex Forums 8/22/2008)

The name stuck as a result of his interactions with the Rolex online community in general, but most notably, since the discussion was a result of the first online Rolex forum post by John Mayer, renown musician and notable Rolex collector*.

An original "Buckley Dial and Hands 16030 Datejust from 1983

The fact that these dial were unpopular when

manufactured, enhances their rarity. This is further exponentiated because they have a nickname. Today, the Buckley dial Datejust represents an exceptional entry point into the exclusive "nickname" Rolex market.

Time Honored has a reference 16030 manufactured in 1983, is in excellent condition, complete with a Rolex Jubilee bracelet.

*The discussion was pertaining to the authenticity of the so called "Paul Newman/Texan" Dials, and it was proposed that if Mayor could prove the authenticity of the dials in question, they should be named after him. Buckley thought this to be preposterous and suggested that in fact, a fairly unpopular dial, the Buckley dial, be named after him.

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