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Tanzanite is fast becoming a favorite in the jewelry world. Its violet-periwinkle color is captivating and the sparkle is so much like a diamond it is no surprise that it quickly catches the eye when passing by it in the jewelry case. Here are some fun facts about tanzanite to help you become more acquainted with your new favorite gem! Be sure to shop our beautiful tanzanite pieces this season.

  • Tanzanite is the official birthstone for December.

  • Tanzanite has been attributed with qualities of good luck and prosperity, and associated with celebrations of new life and new beginnings.

  • Tanzanite’s only known source in the world is a 2 and a half mile strip of land near Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. This single, limited source renders tanzanite at least a thousand times more rare than diamonds.Though more affordable than diamonds, and around a third of the price of sapphires, tanzanite is an extremely valuable gem, with tanzanite rings, tanzanite necklaces and tanzanite earrings becoming investment pieces, appreciating every year.

  • Tanzanite is believed to have been formed about 585 million years ago, but it was only discovered in 1967.

Tanzanite is becoming increasingly recognized as an heirloom due to its very limited supply and rarity.

Tanzanite is said to have many mystical and healing powers. It is believed to uplift and open the heart, and is also believed to assist in metaphysical healing.Because tanzanite is only found in one small area in the world, and it is unlikely to ever be found anywhere else, gemologists believe that, in the next 10 to 20 years, no more tanzanite will be found. After it becomes depleted, there won’t be any more first time owners of the gem, and all tanzanite will become precious heirlooms.

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