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Long before we were the "candy" store filled with diamond and luxury treats galore, our building was the well loved See's Candies building. Most of our customers come in and take a deep nostalgic breath before walking us through their fond memories of the candy store past. 

See’s Candies was a Miracle Mile fixture for more than 50 years from Nov. 6, 1953 to Feb. 28, 2009.The company planned to shut the doors because company demographics called for only two stores in an area the size of Stockton. See’s was then committed to its drive-through store on Hammer Lane and the outlet in Weberstown Mall.

It is unfortunate that the location selected to close was the one that contributed to so many memories. We cherish our building dearly. Some even say, if you come in at 10AM when we open, put a diamond or a luxury watch on your hand and close your eyes you can feel just a warm and sparkly as you did when you picked out your favorite piece of chocolate from See's. ;)

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