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Is your watch losing time or behaving erratically? Have you had a battery replacement but the problem persists? The movement in your watch is made up of many tiny pieces, which work together continually. Eventually the parts of your watch movement will become worn out or even loose, causing your watch to completely stop working or lose time. It is advised to have your watch serviced every 2 – 5 years to ensure it’s working at it’s optimal best.

Time Honored services higher end watch brands and movement types, including: quartz, mechanical and kinetic models. Our full servicing is completed to the highest standards, with all work completed by qualified watch technicians. We always use original manufacturer parts (if we can source them for your watch) other wise we will use alternative parts, of comparable quality. If we cannot repair the movement in your watch we will send it to the manufacturer for repair on your behalf.

Leave your timepiece with us for a repair estimate. Our friendly and knowledgeable branch staff will offer the best advice for your watch repairs.

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