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Gold & Silver soldering is great for broken chains, re-purposing pieces, repairing ring shanks, etc. 



Gold & Silver ring sizing. Bigger, Smaller, Thinner, Wider.


Whether you need a new setting for a stone you have or are creating a custom piece, we can help! 


Make your old pieces look brand new! We also take care to check your stones and prongs during a cleaning.

Time Honored Fine Jewelry & Watches is a leading provider of jewelry repair in Stockton, Ca. Whether your repair is simple or complex, our expert craftsmen have the experience and ability to bring your piece back to life. We can take care of your jewelry pieces in our store, without the need to ship them to an offsite facility. 

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Jewelry & Ring Sizing

Whether it’s a new ring or a piece of jewelry you’ve had for years, we can help you out.

Crown Repair & Re-Tipping

After continuous wear, rings can begin to wear down and are exposed to structural weakness. Re-tipping enforces the ring’s structure and repairing the crown will ensure diamonds and gems won’t fall out.

Refinishing & Polishing

We can polish your jewelry to make it shine beautifully again! We can also rhodium plate white gold jewelry to make it look like it is brand new again.

Chain & Bracelet Repair

Chains and bracelets can get tangled, twisted or broken during wear or through improper storage.We can repair or replace broken pieces and clasps on your jewelry.

Jewelry Restoration Heirloom

Jewelry pieces see a lot of wear and often require parts to be replaced or areas to be restored. Repairing vintage jewelry is a particular area of expertise for our staff

Custom Design & Casting

Our jeweler has the expertise necessary to design a custom piece for you based on photos, sketches, conversation and resources. Every custom design is different so you will come in for a consultation prior to design for pricing and availability. we do carry loose diamonds, gemstones, gold & silver onsite for such projects.

*No costume jewelry repair at this time with the exception that it is set in precious metals. 

If your jewelry isn’t fitting correctly, we can can re-size gold, silver and platinum pieces.
Bring us your dirty or broken pieces and we will restore them to "like new" condition!
Create something new from something old or from scratch! Bring us your ideas, we will bring them to life.