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Time Honored is an Independent Watch & Jewelry Sales and Repair shop located in the well loved "See's Candies" building on the Miracle Mile (Pacific Ave) in Stockton, Ca. It is a family owned business that has its only focus on providing the finest service available.

Doug Siu began collecting watches when he was 11 years old. His horological venture began when his parents gave him a plastic LED Digital Texas Instruments wristwatch for his birthday. He then wandered garage sales, looking for old watches to disassemble, fascinated about how things work and their mechanical manufacturing.

As a young adult, Doug graduated from ASU with a degree in Finance. His first career was working for a currency and commodities trader, however he decided the stress of 24 hour markets was not for him.

 He then moved to California in the 90's making money as an art and antique picker. He gradually built a client base looking for specific works of art and eventually earned a graduate degree in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute in New York and London. Fascinated by cultural diversity as well as seeing things rare in one place and commonplace in another, he began importing works of art.


After 5 years of buying and selling art on a serious commercial scale, he began buying, selling and collecting watches while pursuing a hobby as a watchmaker. He enjoyed watchmaking to such an extent, he decided to make a career of it.  Wanting the best education and certification available in America, 

Doug spent two hard years studying watchmaking at a Rolex sponsored school earning the prestigious WOSTEP certificate and a Rolex scholarship award for Best Manufacturing.

While in school, Doug worked for Ben Bridge as a watchmaker for a year to get an idea of what it took to run a profitable jewelry store.  

A month after graduation, he took over Time Honored from a friend/fellow watchmaker and long time Stocktonian and immediately fell in love with the community. While owning Time Honored, Doug has developed lasting and meaningful bonds with his clients and their families. In 2009, Doug nurtured a passion for jewelry and decided to incorporate the sale and repair of jewelry in his store. 

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